Gordon Custom Fabrication

The Grodon Custom Fabrication website is a sub-contract through our associates at Inproso Corp. The project is a customized company website using the WordPress CMS engine with significant CSS theme stylings and expanded functionalities. Clean framework, multilevel navigation, gallery, animated slideshow, secure contact form. Responsive design.


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ClassAct Entertainment

Long-time client Grace Black recently had us create a new website for her company, ClassAct Entertainment. Specialized features include complete booking & gig management tools, featured slider, galleries, multilevel navigation, original graphics, extended functionalities, secure custom contact forms. Responsive Design.


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Live DJs Online

Live DJs Online is a hub for DJs, independent artists and producers. Free Membership, DJ Broadcasts, Online Radio, Featured DJs, News, Gear & more. Built with the WordPress CMS engine. Clean framework, expanded functionalities, multilevel navigation, gallery, secure contact form. Responsive design.


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Sheilah Renaud

The Sheilah Renaud Gallery is a heart-felt project for a good friend and great client here at AME. Elegant, dark yet colorful and carefully designed with a focus on artistic integrity, simplicity and creativity. Clean framework, multilevel navigation, gallery views, animated slideshow, secure contact form. Responsive design.


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MC Tomkat Online

The MC TomKat website is a highly customized multimedia website with an abundance of specialized features. Complete audio/video gallery and player interface, complex multilevel navigation, compelling original graphics, robust plugins, animated effects and secure contact page. Mobilized by AME.


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