Dale “Deej” Lafayette

AME director Dale Lafayette’s official website. A very cool webportal completely powered by WordPress, together with the Griddr Framework, jQuery and some awesome plugins. Focus on functionality and information. Dynamic responsive framework, multilevel navigation, colorful graphics, robust content and more.


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Wicked Laundry Productions

Wicked Laundry Productions is a Sacramento-based record label and entertainment company, featuring composer Michael Doughton and the band Orange Morning. With a top-notch new website by AME Studios featuring responsive design, jQuery animation, custom functionality, e-commerce and extensive musical content – WLP has arrived big-time on the web.


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Dianne Kipp – Life Coach

Dianne M. Kipp, a celebrated life coach and longtime VIP client, just had us completely rebuild her professional coaching website. With a brand new premium, customized theme framework, cutting-edge features and rich content – this clean new responsive website is both beautiful and professional. User-friendly features, custom graphics, animated effects and more.


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Grace Black Online

One of our earliest projects here at AME Studios using the WordPress CMS platform, we've pumped up the volume with a brand new updated custom framework, features and content. This great site is a powerful example of our work. Responsive, interactive and animated w/ custom graphics, social integration, gig calendar, robust media and more!


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Sheilah Renaud Gallery

The Sheilah Renaud Gallery is a heart-felt project for a good friend and great client here at AME. Elegant, dark yet colorful and carefully designed with a focus on artistic integrity, simplicity and creativity. Clean framework, multilevel navigation, gallery views, animated slideshow, secure contact form. Responsive design.


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