Web Design Order Form

Use this form to order your Website Development Package from AME Studios. Please select your website package and fill in the remaining information. Fields marked with a “*” are required. If you can, please upload a text file or PDF to the Filebox with any additional domain and hosting information, website instructions and content. Before submitting, note the Payment and Requirements information below the form. We will be contacting you to follow up on your job in the order received. Thank You!

Let's Make A Website!


The amount shown and billed is a 50% Deposit. When you place your order, a payment window will open. Please pay the deposit amount shown, and an agent will contact you to follow up and begin the work on your website. Buyers agree to pay the remaining balance of 50% upon completion and acceptance of the work.

1. Currently Registered Domain Name
2. Independent Web Hosting (no so-called “Free” hosts)
3. To run WordPress we recommend your host supports:
• PHP version 7 or greater
• MySQL version 5.6 or greater OR MariaDB version 10.0 or greater
• HTTPS support


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